Our Authors

Julien S. Bourrelle / Credit: Jon Danielsen

 Julien S. Bourrelle is the author of the bestseller series "The Social Guidebook to Norway" and the founder of Mondå Forlag. He is educated as a rocket scientist and is a known keynote speakers focusing on the Norwegian and Scandinavian cultures.

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Sean Percival Sean Percival is the author of "The Loud American: Working with Norwegians". He is an American Venture Capitalist who has spent the last several years in Norway. Through his work in the Norwegian startup ecosystem he has interacted with Norwegian businesses of all sizes and across every major national industry. His experience has shown him that business environments benefit greatly from international diversity and that multi-cultural companies are more competitive, more creative and have more fun. 

 Egil Aslak Aursand Hagerup is the author of the bestseller Norges uskrevne lover – the original Norwegian version of “The 100 Unwritten Norwegian Social Laws”. Egil also authored Talerens Lille Sleipe (How to Hold Speeches). He currently works with content development in NRK and is known as a comedy writer for web, comic books, radio and television. He studied political science and sociology.


Elise H. Kollerud / Credits Julien S. BourrelleElise Halvorsen Kollerud adapted and translated Norges uskrevne lover to English and The Social Guidebook to Norway to Norwegian. She is also the Head of Publishing of Mondå Forlag.




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