Norwegian Dumplings (Raspeball, komle or blandeball)

Source: "Norwegian Food: Do they really eat this?"

A less appetizing version of the German and Austrian Potato dumplings “Knödel”

Skeptics call it a grey lump, but Norwegians along the coast are truly proud of their Raspeball which they call the grey jewel

"Rasp" in Norwegian means a "grater" used to grate food

As for many Norwegian dishes the name is self-descriptive and pragmatic

When preparing dumplings one grate potatoes and form "balls", where the name "Raspeball"!

Every small island and fjord arm, from Agder in the South to Helgeland in the North, has them as a tradition and all have their own way of preparing them

Norwegian potato dumplings are not one dish, but a hundred dishes bearing different local names.


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By Julien S. Bourrelle

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