Hyttevenner & Norwegian Friendships

Source: "The Social Guidebook to Norway"

Many Norwegians have a "hytte" (cabin)

If they make friends at the hytte these are hyttevenner (Cabin friends)

It means that they are friends with them at the hytte

Only at the hytte

They cannot invite them for dinner when they are in the city

Even if they live in the same city

Or the same neighborhood

You both own a hytte next to each other

There is a reason to create a social connection

And you have a frame to socialize and common things to talk about

How to renovate the hytte, clean the garden, etc.

It is safe when you are at the hytte and talk about the hytte

If you sit in silence at the hytte

It will not be an awkward silence

Because you are hyttevenner at the hytte 

This is a good example of a Norwegian social bubble

 In town, Norwegians are outside that secure hytte framework

The risk is high for potential awkwardness with hyttevenner

It is much better to hang out with city friends in the city

Norwegian friendships are often linked to an activity or a setting 

Social bubbles that form around such frame activities are rigid

Meaning that you can interact with others part of the same bubble at a specific time, place or setting

Usually the whole group will need to be invited

You cannot invite outsiders, nor can you meet with just part of the group



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By Julien S. Bourrelle

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