Dugnad-Norway puts thousands into forced labor for its national day 17th May.

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It is May 17th in Norway

Millions take to the streets

Tens of thousand are put into forced labor

After receiving a 17-page document from the Forced Activity Union (FAU)

Dictating his and his wife's 17th May forced labor tasks

Italian-English-Norwegian cultural expert Pellegrino Riccardi 

Dares to question the imposed norm

It is a brave action in a country where self-imposed Dugnad-critic censure is strong 

His Aftenposten article receives violent critics  

The "FAU" reacts strongly in the press writing that "It is sad"

Refering to emotions publicly in Norway is seldom seen

It brings the already heated situation to a new level

State-financed psychologists support "FAU" and indicate the importance of forced labor for mental health 

The population starts to react

People send private messages supporting Pellegrino's brave initiative

They do not want to publicly show support

Due to the potential severe social consequences that this implies

The strictly enforced Norwegian socialization ritual will take place again this year

With all the benefits it provides to this beautiful society

Once again declared the best place in the world to live in


Read more about the Norwegian peculiar culture: "The Social Guidebook to Norway"

By Julien S. Bourrelle

Watch him on TED

More info on his lectures info@monda.no


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