Made with love by really really pretty blonde girls

For years I have been proudly wearing these Norwegian suits

Made with love by really really pretty blonde girls

I am very sad to hear that Moods of Norway

Who brought a touch of Norway around the world

Went bankrupt after a difficult expansion abroad

We are proud to announce that we have recruited one of their really really pretty blonde girl

Her name is Elise 


She is in charge of Mondå Forlag

She is the boss

She decides how we promote our products

And authors usually love to participate 

Different cultures have different norms

Different expectations

Different behaviours

It is not easy to succeed abroad even if you have an amazing product

This is exactly what Mondå does

We help Norwegian businesses to better succeed

Abroad and at home in multicultural environments

We explain what is peculiar with the Norwegian culture

And what to be conscious about when dealing with other cultures


Read more about our amazing Norwegian friends in Our Social Guidebooks to Norway 



By Julien S. Bourrelle

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