The Scandinavians (Book)

The Scandinavians (Book)

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"The Scandinavians: The happy culture of Scandinavia" is the first book in “The Scandinavians” series of illustrated books. 

It explains the social culture of Scandinavia: How Scandinavians interact and how they socialize. It uses humour, short texts and illustrations to describe these unique and happy Nordic cultures.

The book was written and illustrated by Julien S. Bourrelle and Elise H. Kollerud.

Release and shipped: April 2021


64 pages. 60 color Illustrations. A-pocket soft cover 110mmx178mm, 1st Edition (April 2021)

Title: "The Scandinavians: The happy culture of Scandinavia"

Keywords: Greetings | Non-verbal Communication | Introduction | Conversation | Social Logic | Framed activities | Gifting | Owing | Emotions | Personal Space | Being alone | Need to suffer | Politeness | Comfort