A Norwegian Business Meeting

Source "The Loud American: Working with Norwegians"

In many other business cultures the meeting room is often more like a battlefield.

It’s where ideas are pushed forward, allies are formed, and confrontation is inevitable.

That’s not how meeting room culture works in Norway.

The Norwegian meeting room is a peaceful place, a calm room where grandstanding and chest-pounding is greatly discouraged.

Even aggressive hand motions are not recommended here!

It’s important you understand Norwegian meeting room culture as you do business here. That’s because in Norway you’re going to have a lot of meetings.

Sometimes you have a meeting to plan the next meeting.

And all those meetings start exactly on time.

That’s because in Norway those who deliver work on time and show up for meetings on time earn extra prestige in the workplace.

Meetings also end exactly on time and typically not a second later.

This hard stop gives Norwegians a much needed exit from the room, which of course helps them avoid one of their greatest fears:

Having to make small talk.

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