Norwegian girls that love girls!

"Norwegians are girls that love girls

Boys that love boys

And boys and girls that love each other"

- HM King Harald V of Norway (Possibly the best King in the World)


I think it is pretty awesome

That a 80 year old monarchical head of state says things like this

You bring people together

You follow the development in the way people live

You connect Norway from within

You make all Norwegians

Feel welcome

Feel appreciated 

And you connect your country with the rest of the world

You make many foreigners

Feel welcome

Feel appreciated

You make people feel like their diversity is beneficial for your country

You are "Folkelig"

(That means "part of the people" in Norwegian)



In his speech The Norwegian King mirrored the Norwegian values 

Genders are equal in Norway

Women and men can have the same role in society

Kids are raised so that they do not see different roles for different genders


Norway is a place where girls love girls

I also love girls

I love it here in Norway

Happy Pride!


Illustrations: "The Social Guidebook to Norway"

By Julien S. Bourrelle

Watch him on TED

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