You can trust me now.

Source: "The Social Guidebook to Norway"

I meet a beautiful Norwegian girl

She came from a place so remote that the Sun did not rise from November to January

She was from Nord-Norge

Northern Norwegians are special Norwegians

I was invited to her family for Christmas

I was looking forward to connecting with the family with long conversations around the fireplace, making food and enjoying long dinners

First morning 7AM

The father knocks on our door

it was time to eat breakfast

When we were done eating we were asked to put the leftovers in small bags

The father said

"Let us go Cross-country skiing"

I looked at him for a moment and said

"Cross-country skiing you say? But isn't dark outside?"

He looked at me surprised

"This is no problem, we have headlamps.”

And for seven hours we went over valleys and mountains

in a snow storm

It was impossible to talk neither with the person in front nor the person behind

We only stopped to eat the frozen "matpakke"

Concentrating in the cold darkness

Making sure our extremities did not freeze

No one managed to speak really

Apart from practicalities of skiing

Should we change wax?

Should we take this valley or the other?

When we finally got home late during the afternoon

Everyone was so exhausted that we prepared simple food

Ate quickly

Having simple conversations


This lasted for three days

After these three days

I had built up trust with the family

I was almost suited for their daughter

There was one more physical test remaining...

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By Julien S. Bourrelle

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