The Norwegian way

Source: "The Social Guidebook to Norway 2"

Norwegians interact differently with alcohol

You can smile

You can eye-flirt

You can "accidentally" bump into someone

You look at each other

Three seconds of intense eye contact have past

Suddenly you feel this great connection

You do not really get the opportunity to talk 


You wake up somewhere

You do not really remember how you got there

You invite for breakfast

Just to be polite

You do not really mean it

The other plays along

She is not hungry

«it is ok»

A week goes by

It is the weekend again

You invite her to watch a movie



You do not need to talk

When the movie is over

It becomes romantic in the room


You still haven’t been speaking together really

You repeat it a couple of times


And then you can invite some friends

And eat a dinner all together


Repeat for 6 months

You are now a couple


It is now time to have some conversations

One to one

"In some countries around the world

You spend months talking

And then realise you do not have sexual chemistry

In Norway

You spend months having sex

And then realise you do not have anything to talk about together"



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