The inclusive Norwegian society

In our social guidebooks to Norway

We discuss how genders are equal

How women and men can have the same roles in society

That kids are raised so that they do not see different roles for different genders

They are raised not to discriminate based on sex

Or sexual orientation

Families can include a man and a woman

This family is representative of a Norwegian family

As much as this one is

But families in Norway can be more than that

Norway includes different ways of life

This is also representative of the Norwegian family

This family situation is normal, accepted and welcomed

As much as this one

They are representative of the Norwegian society

A society that is inclusive

Cherish differences

Values everyone's freedom to be in a relationship with the person they love

Or as the Norwegian King said

"Norwegians are girls that love girls

Boys that love boys

And boys and girls that love each other"

- HM King Harald of Norway (1st September 2016)

Norway is a place where it should be comfortable and safe to walk hands-in-hands with your partner

Where members of all level in society do not hide their sexual orientation



Illustrations from The Social Guidebook to Norway

Read more about our amazing Norwegian friends in Our Social Guidebooks to Norway 



By Julien S. Bourrelle

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