Norwegians can also be wild

Norwegians love to have sex

From high school to university

Tens of thousands of young Norwegians discover the pleasure of sex

Weekend after weekend after weekend they have sex with different partners

Norwegians follow the Norwegian Dating Timeline

It makes it easy to have sex with different partners

The Norwegian government encourages everyone to have sex

They even sponsor sexual activities 

Every Norwegian have access to condoms for free online

It is a great way to control population growth

You just need to select the size, and taste, and enter your address

And it will be in the mail in a couple of days

Just in time for next weekend

And as everything with the Norwegian government

Everyone should feel included

No one should feel less valued than others

No one should feel uncomfortable because they have a big or a short one

A large one or a thin one

The state sponsors condoms that fits your reality

Standard ones if you are a standard Norwegian

Small ones and thin ones if it hasn't grown as much as you would have liked

Large ones and wide ones if you are a lucky one

As I always say in my lectures at Norwegian Universities

"Drink my dear Norwegian students, drink! But prevent the crawling."

Here I would say

"Have sex with as many partners as you want, as often as you want, but remember the state-sponsored condom"

Have fun!

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By Julien S. Bourrelle

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