Norwegian Summers: Sun is a little like Alcohol

This song by the Norwegian band Postgirobygget

En Solskinnsdag

Gives a taste of Norwegian summers

"I'm watching girls with my sunglasses on

So nobody really sees where I look

The prettiest of the girls takes off her bra

And turns to me and say 

Are you having a good time

Yes, thank you

I feel better than most present here

I smile every day" 

Norwegian summers are fantastic

Three months where you can go out without a jacket

Even in T-shirt sometimes 

Nights when temperature do not go below 20C are called "tropical nights" in Norway

It gives you an idea of how exotic 20C is for Norwegians

It happens a few times a year in a few lucky places

Norwegians enjoy the sunny days by the fjord

Between mountains and valleys

Sun produces similar effect as alcohol on Norwegians

They smile more

They talk more

They stand closer to each other

They look more happy

Sun brings Norwegians closer together for some months 

Enjoy the Norwegians during the summer


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By Julien S. Bourrelle

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