Norwegian hairstyling and gender freedom

Norwegian women are free

They are free to decide their hairstyle at any age

Yet there seems to be a pattern

Can anyone explain where this comes from?


Norwegian Women Hair Crisis 

Instagram babe
30-year life crisis
35-year life crisis
40-year life crisis
The hairstyle of public sector senior women
Retired women hairstyle 


Last time we shared this post, we received many comments from Norwegian women 

These women did not agree with our illustration about Norwegian Women Hairstyles through life crisis

Yet many of them commenting on our post looked scarily similar to our illustrations

They asked us to make a men version

So that it be equal

So that no gender be singled out

So we did

It was difficult because men are not so free

Not so free to decide their hairstyle at any age

They just do not have any hair to style with the years passing by!

We are curious to see if as many men will feel attacked by our new illustration


Read more about our amazing Norwegian friends and gender equality in Norway in our books about the Norwegian culture 


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