Norwegian Friend - How do you know you have one?

Source: "The Social Guidebook to Norway"

A few years back

I asked a Norwegian man what a good friend was

He was silent for a while

And said

"A good friend is someone I can sit alone in a room with in silence and feel comfortable"

From a foreign eye

Norwegian Friendships may feel a little distant


Norwegian friendships are in balance

No friend shall owe to the other

While in many cultures you build friendships by giving and receiving

In Norway you build friendships by doing activities together and keep things equal

You maintain the balance 

Norwegian friends are something special

They may not pay for your coffee

And feel uncomfortable if you pay for theirs

They want things to be equal

They may not take contact without a reason

And rather wait that you meet through an activity

They are polite and do not want to disturb you

They may feel a little distant

And it may be challenging to realise when you have made a Norwegian friend

And what is to be expected in a Norwegian friendship

That is what the second book in the series "The Social Guidebook to Norway" is about

Norwegian Friendships & Relationships


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By Julien S. Bourrelle

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