Norway: "Why would we want to come to your shithole country?"

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Norway is one of the richest country per capita in the world

We got free education

We got free healthcare

And our president is not Donald Trump

“Why would we want to come to your shithole country?"

- Trevor Noah


Let us think for a moment about how beautiful of a country Norway is

And how beautiful people Norwegians are

It is place where cities are small, clean, well-organised and unpolluted

People come from all around the world to admire Norway’s stunning fjords and mountains, and its pristine nature

Norwegians themselves are quite beautiful, and that keeps many of us here!

The welfare system is one of the world’s most generous and provides the very best family support

Everyone is considered equal and very little social classes exist

There is a strong feeling of community where everyone is expected and willing to contribute to society

People respect each other, it is a peaceful place with little aggressiveness and low criminality


Norwegians are peaceful, helpful and trustful

They are often shy, reserved, well behaved, well organised, calm, efficient, pragmatic and serious

When Norwegians are sober, rigid norms frame their social interactions

This changes with alcohol and the contrast can be shocking

I wrote two social guidebooks about Norwegians

And hold lectures around the world

Also in Trump-USA

They usually let me enter

I am Canadian

Canada is not on the shithole country list yet

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