Good Enough is Enough in Norway

Source: "The Social Guidebook to Norway"

In Norway, we try not to make anyone feel better or worse than others

We make people feel good

Good enough

Good enough is enough

If you are “too” good

You will feel a pressure to be just good enough

If you are struggling

The society will help you to be good enough

Those who achieve more than others are not often praised

Nor do we make those who lag behind feel like they are

We encourage, we help others

And at the end, no one should believe that they are better than others

Foreigners may find it challenging

Especially if used to a competitive society that pushes you to be best

Feedback is subtle in Norway

Learn to interpret feedback in terms of what it means in the culture of those who give it to you


TIPS to foreigners: If you are unsure about the feedback you are receiving - just ask. Norwegians will feel more comfortable to elaborate on their feedback if you ask precise questions on why you received such feedback.

TIPS to Norwegians: Help foreigners understand you better - buy them a social guidebook to Norway it is a very cheap way to bridge culture in multicultural companies.


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By Julien S. Bourrelle

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