Norway: "Closed for Summer"

Source: "The Social Guidebook to Norway"


Today is the last day at work for many Norwegians

Your emails and calls will be answered in mid-august

Norwegian businesses and public agencies come to a stand still in July

If you are in the middle of a project with Norwegians

You will need to pause everything and wait until the summer is over to continue

Norwegians are going on vacation and this is a serious thing

The government and companies literally close their doors for a month

And it takes two more weeks for Norwegians to really be back at work

You may expect regular office hours in mid-august

Until then Norway is on vacation

If you come from a place where you have two weeks of vacation a year

You may be shocked by the Norwegian summer schedule

Life quality prevails in Norway

Greetings from beautiful Croatia where I am enjoying the summer with my Norwegian family-in-law


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By Julien S. Bourrelle

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