Loppemarked and Dugnad

The "loppemarked" season is here

"Loppemarked", or "flea market" in English, is where thousands of Norwegians work as volunteers collecting and selling fournitures and other household objects. 

It is voluntary and done as a "dugnad" to finance activities of an organisation, often for children.

This is a unique opportunity to get involved to get to know other people or parents in your neighbourhood.

Taking part in dugnad is also part of the ritual to to be accepted and seen as a good parent in Norway.

Coming together around voluntary work is an important part of the Norwegian culture

Arranging "loppemarked" is a way for many organisations to finance part of their activities and a way for Norwegians to get to know each other. 

Remember that socialization in Norway often starts by an activity where you need to contribute in some ways. 

Loppemarked is one of these activities.

If you are invited to contribute to a loppemarked, join, this is a unique opportunity to socialize. 


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By Julien S. Bourrelle

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