"Jul" and the beautiful Norwegian Christmas traditions.

Many traditions are linked to Christmas time in Norway

They are part of the local culture

While many of these traditions have religious roots,

Many Norwegians and foreigners who follow them

are non-believers or believers of other faiths

Many find these traditions enjoyable in these dark December days

It brings people together

Personally, I am Canadian and not baptized

Most would call me an Atheist

Yet I enjoy the Norwegian Christmas traditions

And how it brings people together

It is part of the local culture

and should not be put aside

Especially not under the pretext that it does not include newcomers

On the opposite, it is a unique opportunity for newcomers to learn about the local culture and connect with Norwegians

Integration is not about censuring local traditions,

It is about embracing differences and make people curious of each other's traditions and cultures.


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By Julien S. Bourrelle

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