Getting off the bus the Norwegian way


How to indicate that you want to get out of the bus in Norway:

1. Put on your headwear and clothing

2. Lift your hand luggage

3. Straighten your neck and start moving on your seat

4. Turn your legs in the direction you will exit

5. Put your hands on the seat in front of you

6. Press the «Stop»-button, even if someone else has already pressed it

7. After having done all of this you may stand up and exit

8. If a fellow passenger still hasn’t understood that you are about to exit, you can break the silence and say sharply “Jeg skal av!” (I am going out). If you need to take the drastic step of communicating orally, make sure to avoid any eye contact and do not expect any answer.


If, by mistake, you performed any of steps 1 to 5, you may be surprised by the passengers next to you turning their legs towards the exit to make room for you to pass by. They may also stand up next to their seat without looking at you.

In such a situation, many Norwegians will go out even though it was not their plan.


This is one of the 100 Unwritten Norwegian Social Laws presented in the book "The 100 Unwritten Norwegian Social Laws"


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