Dress like a Norwegian

Norwegians tend to dress informally at work

It is often more important to be comfortable and practical in your clothes then being elegant

Norwegians will wear practical clothing adapted to the stormy weather allowing them to walk kilometers under heavy rain and snow

This will appear casual to most foreigners

Running shoes, t-shirt, sweater, jeans, sport trousers, raincoats and boots

But really it is an art

The sport trouser and running shoes that Norwegians are wearing

May cost more than leather shoes and a formal outfit

It is important for Norwegians to look informal and be comfortable

No one should feel that they are more important than others

Especially not by the way they dress

Nicely-polished leather shoes and the use of galoshes is not common

Just use rain boots

It is much more practical and no one will mind

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By Julien S. Bourrelle

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