Did gallantry disappear in Norway?


As a young boy, my mother taught me

That a man should always walk between a woman and the cars

That a man should always open doors for women

That a man should walk women home at night


She wanted her young boy to become a gentleman

When I got to Norway, women told me

They could open doors themselves

That I should not change side of the sidewalk

And thought I was trying to get in bed with them when walking them home at night!

Genders relate differently in Norway

Gender-based politeness gestures common in so many countries

May be interpreted differently by Norwegian women


Genders are equal and independent in Norway

It makes gender interactions simpler

Norwegian men learnt to behave in ways that prevent conflict with Norwegian women

Norwegian women are happy when things are equal and when they feel independent

That may explain why gallantry has mostly disappeared in Norway


Foreign women may be surprised when they first interact with Norwegian men

They may not appreciate Norwegian equality the same way as Norwegian women do


While it may be safer for a man in Norway

Not to open doors

Not to carry bags

and not to drive a Norwegian woman home

These behaviors may be expected of you by women of other cultures

It is important to have this in mind when interacting within different cultural settings

I make a conscious effort to adapt my behaviors so that the person I interact with feel most comfortable

Off course the way Norwegian women react to foreign gallantry varies 

Especially with age

I learnt to appreciate Norwegian women

Off all ages

And adapt my behaviors accordingly


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