Borrowing from Norwegians

Source: "The Social Guidebook to Norway"

 Norwegians are very nice people

They will help you if you need help 

They will invite you to activities if they have a reason to

They will lend you their belongings if they are sure you will not feel like you owe them something

If a Norwegian lends you something

Like his "hytte" for example

He will try to make the exchange fair

It is uncomfortable for Norwegians to owe to others

So he may ask you to

Take care of the garden, cut the lane, clear the leaves, cut wood, paint, etc.


While in many places around the world such contribution could come naturally from those
borrowing the hytte

To thank their host

To show appreciation

To show gratitude

In Norway, it may well be stated as a condition to get access to the property

This is not rude – it is Norwegian

Norwegians are polite

They are direct and pragmatic

They are making sure you do not feel like you owe them something for using their hytte

You won’t because you will have

Taken care of the garden, cut the lane, cleared the leaves, cut wood, painted, etc.



TIPS: Norwegians like things to be equal and in equilibrium

Friends often pay independently 

Or if someone contributes in a friendships

Such as the example above

Equilibrium will be quickly re-established

Like this no one feel like they owe something to someone



Learn more about how to navigate socially in Norway in  "The Social Guidebook to Norway"



By Julien S. Bourrelle

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