Norwegian Summers are like no other

"I'm watching girls with my sunglasses on

So nobody really sees where I look

The prettiest of the girls takes off her bra

And turns to me and say 

Are you having a good time

Yes, thank you

I feel better than most present here

I smile every day

A song by Postgirobygget En Solskinnsdag

Norwegians summer are fantastic

After a long winter it is time to go out

With little clothes

And enjoy the sunny days by the fjord

Between mountains and valeys

Rarely did I see so beautiful nature as in Norway

Rarely did I see so beautiful girls as in Norway

Rarely did I see some many Norwegians looking happy

Rarely did I see so many Norwegians so close to each other

The sun is a little like alcohol

It brings Norwegians closer together

Enjoy the Norwegian summer


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By Julien S. Bourrelle

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