A Typical Norwegian Sport

Do not worry if you see people

Looking preoccupied, nervous and focused

Running in the streets

Without looking in front of them

Actually they all read while running

You can see hundreds of them

They do not talk to each other

They may wear shorts revealing their bare legs

Under minus degrees

Do not worry 

They are Norwegians



They will run for hours

In the cold

Under the rain

On icy roads

Or on snowy mountain paths

No type of terrain will stop them

They are descendants of the Vikings


They are practicing a sport

A very Norwegian sport

Requiring no verbal communication

No collaboration with others

And which can be practiced under any weather conditions

It is called "Orientering"


Welcome to Norway

Where people may behave differently

This weekend there are many of them in Trondheim

Please take care when you walk on the street

Especially if you are wearing high heels and a dress in the morning

They are O-løpere


Source: "The Social Guidebook to Norway"